A Holistic PPC Approach for COMO Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Boosting Presence and Generating Leads

With 19 years of experience, COMO Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the most reliable supplier of top-notch flooring solutions in Cape Town, Gauteng and beyond. They have strategically grown the business to enhance their ability to meet clients’ flooring needs. With several flooring categories, they offer a miscellaneous range of products featuring top brands and innovative designs. After implementing a well-crafted PPC strategy, COMO Luxury Vinyl Flooring effectively generated valuable leads and achieved outstanding returns on their marketing investments.


COMO Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Tile Flooring

01. The Challenge

We were required to brainstorm a well-executed PPC campaign that could deliver a powerful one-two punch for COMO Luxury Vinyl Flooring,
Significantly boosting their online presence, generating valuable leads, and ultimately securing a larger slice of the market. With the broader marketing strategy and product development, they wanted to strike the right chord with their potential customers.

02. The Objectives

A winning PPC campaign requires more than just wishful thinking. So, the PPC team wanted to work on the right approach with consistent ad actions across platforms to plant the brand seed in customers’ minds.

In addition to crafting compelling Ads with a dash of creativity, it was also essential to highlight their unique selling points for transforming the business into a digital powerhouse, attracting steady leads and carving their place in the ever-evolving online marketplace.

Holistic Approach

We designed a symphony of strategies to boost online visibility, connect with the target audience and achieve substantial results. Here is how we framed a Holistic Marketing roadmap for the client:
  1. Mobile-First Approach: Initially, we ensured that all websites and landing pages were optimized for mobile devices, considering most users browse on smartphones.
  2. Deep Dive into COMO and its Audience: What makes COMO stand out in the luxury vinyl flooring market? We uncovered COMO’s unique selling points (USP), brand voice, and target audience preferences by Brand Audit. Then, with the Competitor Analysis & PPC strategies, we identify opportunities for differentiation.
  3. Built the Campaign Framework: We structured PPC campaigns by product lines, locations, and buyer intent. Then, ensure website and landing pages are optimized for key search terms and provide a smooth user experience to boost organic traffic.
  1. PPC Campaign Optimization: We crafted targeted ad copy that highlighted COMO’s USPs, addressed user pain points, and included strong calls to action. We also implemented automated bidding strategies like target CPA or ROAS to maximize ROI and budget allocation.
  2. Ongoing Optimization and Analysis: With the performance monitoring, we tracked the key metrics to measure campaign effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Holistic Digital Marketing Integration: We leveraged social media, email marketing, and influencer partnerships to amplify content reach and engagement. It helped to drive traffic to the website and engage potential customers.


Captured Attention, Generated Leads
Investing in our well-crafted PPC strategy worked like the secret sauce that drove COMO Luxury Vinyl Flooring to the top of the online heap. Each click proved to be a game-changer for the business, skillfully navigating the competitive online landscape, maximizing ROI, and establishing their prominence as a top LVT flooring provider in Cape Town, Gauteng, and beyond.

After efficiently targeting the right audience and measuring campaign performance, resulted in more leads and increased sales of their luxury vinyl flooring products.

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