Crochet Collection in Cape Town
Crafting an Eye-Catching E-commerce Website for Your “It’s All About YOU & STYLE”

Crochet Collections, centred on YOU & STYLE, stands as an online platform for offering the world’s finest affordable luxury crafted crochet handbags from recycled textiles. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Mariam Francis Ismail, the creator and designer behind Crochet Collections (CC), proposes high-quality, stylish pieces tailored for a discerning audience. We designed a visually stunning and intuitive website for client to showcase their crochet bags in full glory to enchant their visitors.


Crochet Collections


Online Fashion & Textile

Key Points

  • To make their online presence captivating, we created a visual language that reflected their brand’s unique voice, values, and aesthetic.
  • Crafted a cohesive design with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to guide visitors seamlessly through their product offerings.

CC Shoulder Bags

Cross Body Bags

01. The Challenge

By uniting with a skilful web team, the client envisioned a thriving e-commerce space to reflect their brand and complement the crochet creations.
We were required to design an intuitive layout with accessibility in mind to ensure that is easy to navigate, search, and checkout while minimizing friction and maximizing conversions. A deliberate and scalable platform was essential to make browsing and shopping effortless.

02. The Resolution

We teamed up with the stakeholders to continuously refine the website with design and bring various perspectives to the table.

Crafted a design with stunning visuals, the right colour palette, fonts, and layout to match the brand aesthetic and ensure a seamless user experience across devices. Also, implemented intuitive navigation and search functionality made it easy for customers to find the bags they were looking for, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates translate the brand identity.


A web designer can help to enchant the crochet collection e-commerce website with stunning visuals. Our visually appealing designs captured increased customer engagement with a better understanding of product details and a potential boost in sales.

Showing their masterpiece works with high-quality product photography made them a luxurious online brand. A beautiful and cohesive website drove sales and established the brand as a leader in the world of hand-crafted fashion.


We designed a website that adapted to changing trends, technologies, and devices, ensuring their online presence remained relevant and impactful for years. To craft a successful e-commerce website, we worked on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and others to shape their online presence and sales potential. Also, implemented the robust e-commerce functionalities in the e-commerce infrastructure for product listings, secure payments, and smooth ordering processes.

The Approach

Create an e-commerce site that begs to be explored.

Creative Peppers created an effective website design for a crochet collection that led to improved user engagement, increased conversions, and a positive overall brand image. Our skilled web team translated their unique voice and values into a visual language, building a memorable identity that resonates with the target audience. We created a beautiful online space that reflected their distinctive style and connected with crochet lovers in Cape Town and beyond.