OnRotate’s Fashion Symphony | 3-in-1 platform Crafted by Design Magic

Onrotate is an online platform for renting high-end designer and contemporary dresses in South Africa. With a vast collection of clothing, they allow style-conscious customers to rent, lend and buy designer dresses for a fraction-of-the-purchase-cost. We created a visually appealing and user-friendly design that ensured a seamless experience from both the business and customer perspectives.




Online Fashion & Shopping

Key Points

  • Created a user-friendly web design with wireframes to map out the website’s layout, user interface, and functionality, ensuring precision in every element.
  • With a magic touch and techniques, our web team created a cohesive 3-in-1 Platform to offer a delightful experience for Onrotate’s customers.

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01. The Challenge

Onrotate, the innovative fashion platform where rent, lend, and buy dance hand-in-hand, is a testament to a web team’s magic touch.
Despite offering diverse options, the website needed to maintain a unified brand experience across all functionalities. A deliberate design and robust technology have been mandated to simplify the shipping and return process for rented items so that it can organically attract new users and enhance the platform’s appeal.

02. The Solution

To create a unique & engaging fashion e-commerce experience, we designed a framework foundation for the Onrotate website.
From the ground up, the website has been crafted with low-fi prototypes to sketch out initial layouts and user flows for a 3-in-1 fashion platform that seamlessly integrates with three distinct workflows. Then, intuitive filters, like rental duration, occasion, or brand, are designed for a website where fashion dreams could take flight, fueled by the web team’s imagination and technical prowess.


Onrotate, an innovative online platform makes the dream a reality, and the website is a masterpiece of design crafted by a web team with magic in their fingers. This innovative 3-in-1 model attracted a wider audience interested in renting, lending, or buying, leading to higher traffic and user engagement.
Also, a broader range of options stimulated purchases across all categories and generated revenue from rentals, lending fees, and direct sales. Onrotate’s unique platform established them as a pioneer in sustainable fashion, solidifying their brand identity.


Depending on the specific needs and preferences of Onrotate’s stakeholders, Creative Pepper’s team created a well-crafted web design with Shopify, Wireframing and Prototyping for e-commerce functionalities, potentially customized with additional coding for the unique 3-in-1 model.

The onrotate website was not just limited to clever code or fancy graphics but also the web team’s skill in understanding fashion, technology, and human psychology and then using that understanding to create something truly magical.

The Approach

Crafting a unique digital ecosystem can allow users to navigate the fashion wonderland seamlessly.
Creative Peppers helped Onrotate e-commerce platform by creating a beautiful bridge of design that is functional and aesthetically pleasing with weaving technology. Our skilled web team turned all the challenges into strengths by creating a truly unique and successful website. Seamless integration of renting, lending, and buying with clear interfaces and functionalities led to a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.