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Since 1986, Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes has been a well-respected team in Austin, Texas, widely acknowledged as the preeminent luxury custom home builders. This full-service design-build firm offers services in creating exquisite luxury custom residences that reflect their unique style and exceed expectations. Over the years, ZH Custom Homes has received countless awards and honours for impressive quality design and a solid track record of satisfied clientele.


ZH Custom Home Builders


Real Estate Firm


  • Implemented intuitive website design with interactive features to showcase ZH’s projects
  • Onsite property valuations helped to generate quality leads and drive traffic.

01. The Challenge

In a rapidly evolving market, ZH Custom Homes needed to showcase their detailed listings and stunning designs in a way that can captivate potential buyers.
We were required to design a functional and engaging real estate website from scratch that could give the firm an extra edge with a remarkable online presence. A well-designed website can become an online medium to effectively advertise the assistance, mission, vision and brand tale of business to potential customers.

02. The Solution

Designing a successful website requires collaboration with the client to form solutions & make the journey harmonious.
Our highly qualified designers and developers mapped out the client journey and laid the groundwork for a website reflecting their essence and echoing their ideal customers. Then, crafted a clear and intuitive information architecture, ensuring property listings are easily searchable, filterable, and organized by relevant criteria like location, price range, and property type.


The website generated a surge of local traffic and engagement. Clients praised the user-friendly interface, stunning visuals, and wealth of property information that helped them to pinpoint the exact details. It led to a significant increase in property viewings and sales.


In the whole process, initial understanding laid the foundation for the entire design process. As, no website is complete without a considerable testing phase, so from initial brainstorming sessions to the final pixel-perfect launch, we had constant communication and adjustments with the ZH custom home team to ensure the website was on the right track.

We ensured the website flawlessly adapted to all devices to get more property viewings and closed deals.

The Approach

Craft a digital flagship that drives impact and aligns seamlessly.
Right from the start, Creative Peppers focused on transparency and association, which allowed ZH Custom Home Builders to develop trust in our website design process. We worked beyond creating a visually appealing website with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation to ensure visitors could effortlessly find the information they craved. High-quality photography and captivating property descriptions brought the listings to life.

Ultimately, the new website proved to be a shining success, resulting in the generation of increased leads.