3 Signs You Have a Bad Web Host

by | May 10, 2019 | Information Technology

As a website owner, finding a great web hosting service seems nothing short of a blessing. After all, getting your services delivered to your audience without any issues relieves you from a whole host of concerns.

But when things flip to the most dire and you end up with a bad web hosting service, you find yourself in the midst of a hellish experience. Constant problems become the norm, frustrating you and your site’s visitors alike.

With that being said, some website owners put up with the antics of bad web hosts by thinking that fluctuations in service might be an everyday instance. With this thought in mind, they put up with subpar services with the notion of a better option not being available to them.

In order to make sure that you don’t go down that route, here are a few signs of a bad web host that will let you know exactly when to pack your site’s virtual bags and find it a new home on the internet.

Downtimes Are an Everyday Occurrence

The number one priority while running a website is to make sure that it keeps delivering its services to its visitors without interruption. That is why, any downtime automatically means that things are not going well at all.

With that, if the search engines find your site being down during one of their regular inspections, then it can also have detrimental effects on your search engine rankings.

Losing out on precious traffic and search rankings are two of the many reasons why web hosts ensure that they don’t let their clients’ sites face downtimes at all. In fact, this is a very basic requirement that is met by every web hosting provider.

If your web host doesn’t follow this industry standard causing your site to face downtimes on a regular basis, then it is not a normal occurrence. This is a red flag and a sign for you start finding other hosting options.

Site Speed is Slow

Have you been trying to optimize your site speed to no benefit? Does every test and expert tell you that you have done everything you can to lower your site speed, only for you to find that nothing has changed?

That is a sign that the problem lies within your web hosting provider.

Since website speed doesn’t only provide a better user experience but also contributes to search engine rankings, all good web hosts ensure that their servers meet the standards of faster delivery mechanisms.

Any web host that doesn’t follow this criterion is definitely out of the loop of industry best practices, and is most certainly not following the set guidelines by search engines.

To ensure that your site is not subject to conform to snail speed standards, it would be time to try finding other hosting avenues for it.

Your Site Keeps Running Into Security Issues

If your site keeps running into security issues even after installing all available security features that you could have, it may be time to analyze the capabilities of your hosting provider.

As the base of your site’s operation, it is the web host’s responsibility to have top of the line security solutions available on their server. If proper security measures are not taken at their end, then any malicious party can easily take advantage of that.

If you have noticed your site running into security issues on a frequent basis with your current provider with no possible explanation on your end, or if you find that your hosting provider lacks security features, then it may be time to find new virtual accommodations for your site.

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