Creating A Professional WordPress Design In Austin

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Web Development

Creating a WordPress design: a task that is not for everyone. Yet you will have to believe it because today a website is more than just a calling card. Your website is your online sales channel.

WordPress web design

Does your website need updating or have you just started a new business? We at Creative Peppers Inc are ready for you. We listen carefully to the requirements that you set so that we can fully understand your content needs, taking into account your functional requirements. In this way, you get a website and a design that works hand in hand and offers you an excellent degree of flexibility and control.

Most websites that we offer use the popular WordPress content management system. WordPress is fantastic because it is incredibly flexible when it comes to providing excellent functionality. There are so many well-supported free and paid plug-ins available, the possibilities are endless. It also means that we can avoid the difficulties of custom software development.

Below are the reasons why you should have an Austin WordPress development website built with us.

We ensure that your WordPress website:

  • easily findable in Google
  • is mobile friendly
  • is aimed at your target group
  • suitable for all devices

In addition, you have a permanent contact person at Creative Peppers Inc who specializes in Austin web development and design, and you receive a daily update on progress.

Countless options

Due to the broad knowledge and services of Creative Peppers Inc, there are many aspects that we can take into account for you. The first thing we take into account is, of course, the number of visitors: you want many people to end up on your website. How do we do this? By reaching potential visitors through search engines such as Google. We ensure that the search engine can read your website. By subsequently using SEO, you can score optimally in search engines and attract free visitors to your website. In addition, for optimum user convenience, we always take the structure of the website into account.

A professional website in your corporate identity

In addition to a clear website, Creative Peppers Inc can also provide professional website design in your own house style. Do you not yet have a house style or logo? That’s no problem; Creative Peppers Inc has experienced designers in-house. Even if you have a webshop or want to start, we are happy to be of service. All websites at Creative Peppers are equipped with a Content Management System (CMS) where you can easily manage your website (or webshop) yourself.

It is also important that you use professional images on your website. Do not use standard images such as stock photos, but have the images made by a professional photographer. This photo is unique and contributes to the authenticity and credibility of your website.

Security of your website

From 2017, legislation on the safety of websites has been tightened. It is now mandatory to have an SSL certificate on your website to prevent abuse, fraud and data breaches. All websites that Creative Peppers builds from now on are provided with an SSL certificate. Is your website made for 2017? Then it is important that your website is also provided with an SSL certificate so that the website meets the security requirements laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act. Do you not yet have an SSL certificate? Then don’t wait any longer! Creative Peppers Inc is happy to help you build an SSL certificate on your website or webshop.

Qualitative photos on your website

Often no attention is paid to photos on the website, but a person is mainly visually oriented and therefore photos of what you have to offer or what kind of company you are of great importance. It is important that, if photos come in, that they are made by you or others, unique and high-quality photos. We can also help with this.

Do you want to know more or have a website made?

Looking for a professional website? Creative Peppers Inc can help you with that, whatever products or services you offer. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help you achieve online success. In addition to building your website, we can also take care of digital marketing for you. You can contact us via 512-888-3966 or send an e-mail to