SEO: How do I choose good keywords?

by | Sep 25, 2019 | SEO

When you want to get started with search engine optimization, it is important to determine well in advance on which words you want to be found. How do you determine on which keywords you will optimize your website? In this blog an explanation how you can do that best.

Read your site carefully!
Before choosing your keywords, carefully read your entire site. Get to know him through and through. View which keywords are already common on your website with the keyword tool at Google Keyword Planner. Record the most important keywords. Then you can start brainstorming. Suppose you have a digital marketing agency in Austin. Then wanting to be found on just “digital marketing agency” might be a bit ambitious. Therefore try to combine this word with words that apply to or are characteristic of your store. For example, you can make combinations by focusing on:

  • The location (digital marketing agency Austin, Austin digital marketing agency)
  • The price (competitively priced digital marketing, exclusive digital marketing)
  • Type of services (SEO, website analysis, social media marketing)

Adwords Keyword Planner
A useful tool to see how much is searched for the keywords you choose is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. I take “Austin digital marketing agancy” as an example. To get to the Keyword Planner in Adwords, I click on Tools and Analysis in the top right corner of the green bar. Then I click on Search New Ideas for Keywords and Ad Groups at the top left. Then I type here “digital marketing agency Austin”. I now get a list of results, I click on the right-hand keyword Keyword ideas tab. Here I can see that these words are searched 210 times a month on average and that the competition for these words is “Normal”. So it’s a suitable keyword to start focusing on. Below that I find a whole list of related keywords that I could possibly use. This tool is therefore also ideal for gaining more inspiration!

Make a selection
When you have a list of possible keywords, it is important to determine which keywords you want to focus on. It makes no sense to optimize your site on 20 different keywords because then you won’t be able to find any of those 20 words properly. When you start with search engine optimization (SEO), 4 or 5 keywords are enough to get you started. Choose the right keywords that are already mentioned a lot on your homepage and other pages and words that are frequently searched for on a monthly basis according to the Keyword Planner. When there is a lot of competition in certain words, this is not immediately a reason to exclude these keywords. There are in fact ways to score well on these words.