Top Factors for Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

by | May 10, 2019 | Information Technology

Thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices, mobile marketing has emerged to be the future of advertising. According to estimates, the number of mobile search users is going to reach 221 million by 2020. That is an increase of around 90 million users from where the figure stood in 2014 at 133 million. These figures demonstrate just how important mobile marketing has become in today’s day and age. It is now essential for any business to keep this method of delivery in mind to ensure long term success in its industry. Here are the top factors that could help you draw the most benefits out of your mobile marketing campaign, whether you are targeting users through paid ads or organic search.

Pay Attention to Being Mobile Friendly

It goes without saying that websites which are vying for the attention for mobile users have to make sure that they are in fact adaptable for mobile usage. Even if a website looks like a million bucks in its full resolution view over a desktop device, there’s no guarantee that those looks would automatically translate to a mobile device. That is where mobile optimization comes in. Mobile optimization makes sure that:

  • Your website is using a responsive layout that is adaptable to different screens and devices.
  • Your website is using design elements that are adjustable through different viewing mechanisms.
  • Your website is using functions that stay at the same level of usage through different devices.

All of this delivers a great experience to mobile users, who are more inclined to use your website over your competitors. This means that any marketing spends that you allocate towards capturing the attention of mobile users is prone to bring more return for investment for your business. It also goes a long way into enhancing your search engine presence.

Pay Attention to Your Overall Search Engine Presence

Google has been quite vocal in highlighting the importance of mobile marketing. The search engine giant shared in 2015 that it was making mobile friendliness a ranking signal for websites, pointing to how important it is for web platforms to keep mobile users in mind. This means that in addition to running paid campaigns to market to mobile users, you can simply spend some time and efforts on making your site mobile friendly. That would automatically translate to higher search engine rankings for you. Checking for mobile friendliness is easy through a free tool that is provided by Google. All that you need to do is to take the test and then discuss the findings with a web developer, who could help you make your site mobile friendly. From there, you can employ additional search engine optimization efforts to ensure that you are getting the most exposure to search engines. All of this could contribute greatly to the success of your mobile marketing campaign.

Pay Attention to Speed

Even if your site seems mobile friendly and has everything presented well on paper, pay attention to market insights. If you are to succeed in your industry through mobile marketing, it is essential to check how your site performs in comparison with its competitors. According to market insights shared by Google, any mobile site that takes more than 3 seconds to load has a 90 percent chance of losing its visitors. That is why, it is essential that you keep this important factor in mind. You can optimize your site’s speed by employing various solutions including but not limited to:

  • Caching Tools – which save your site’s data for future use, decreasing the load time for repeat visitors.
  • Content Delivery Networks – which use various servers in different geographical locations to deliver your site’s content, decreasing its load time.
  • Lazy Loading Plugins – which load essential elements of your site within the first few seconds and let other content such as embedded videos load in due time. This keeps your user’s interest without their experience being affected.

These are just a few factors that could help you with your paid and organic mobile marketing campaigns. For more information on mobile marketing and how we can help, call us today or visit our services page.