3 Signs That You Need a New Web Host

by | May 13, 2019 | Information Technology

As the virtual area that hosts your website and gives it a place to be on the Internet, web hosting is the central element of support that allows everything on your domain to run in the first place.

Having a credible and reliable web host makes sure that your operations keep running smoothly, and your website remains accessible to your target audience without any interruption.

On the other hand, having a bad web host could create a plethora of issues that make running and managing your website a way more difficult task than it actually is. That is why it is crucial for any website to have a good web hosting service at its backend.

But everything is not bound to run perfectly in this world, which is why it is quite possible for you to have a web host with subpar services. In order to ensure that you are able to identify less than ideal services and change your web hosting before it’s too late, here are a few tips that would make a bad web host stand out in their true form.

Downtime, Downtime Everywhere

One of the biggest and most worrisome signs of a bad web host is frequent downtime. If your website is running into outages, it is a glaring indication that your web hosting is not doing its job properly.

Whether the downtime is unscheduled or comes with uncalled for notices, if the frequency runs past a certain number, then you need to look at other web hosts immediately. This is because any form downtime essentially puts your site on hold and restricts it from reaching out to its audience.

This is not only detrimental in retaining your website’s visitors who run into an error page whenever they visit your site, but it also averts new visitors. In addition, it has an effect on search engines as well, who end up deducing that the URL they visited doesn’t have anything to offer after all. As a result, you end up losing precious traffic and search engine rankings due to your web host.

Slow Speeds are a Norm for Your Web Hosting Service

Website load time is a major factor in appeasing your website visitors. A website that doesn’t load in due time could cause its visitors to grow frustrated and simply close its tab – perhaps to never return again.

This is not a dramatization of a small issue, as it has been proven by various industry findings. According to Google, any websites that take over 3 seconds to load have a 90 percent chance of losing their visitors.

If you have taken all necessary measures to decrease your site load time but still face slow speeds, it is an indication that something is not right with your hosting.

In order to make sure that you do not pay the price for the poor infrastructure of your web hosting, check for your hosting server response time. If required, make a decision to switch to another provider accordingly.

Hacking Issues are Quite Common

Has your website been attacked by hackers on more than one occasion? Did installing security plugins and securing your passwords not help?

Maybe, the problem is with your web hosting provider.

No matter how many security measures you take, it would be quite prone to run into repeated issues if your website’s foundation is weak in the form of its web server.

If your website has repeatedly fallen prey to malware or security breach problems, then it could be quite detrimental to your website’s operations and may cause your visitors to not trust you with their data. In addition, it exposes you to quite a few legal risks as well.

That is why if you have reason to believe that your web hosting is not doing enough to secure its infrastructure from malicious parties, then looking for other options would be a good call.

These are some of the most common signs of a bad web host, but there are various nuances to the problem that could only be determined with a professional consultation. For more information on web hosting solutions or to find out how we can help, visit our services page today.