WordPress Vs Joomla

by | May 13, 2019 | Information Technology

As two of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world, the comparison between WordPress and Joomla is often witnessed throughout the web development community.

That is why those business owners who are looking to develop their new website often feel torn between the onslaught of information.

Is WordPress better? Or is Joomla the one to go with? Both CMS are free at their core. What’s the difference, then?

This brief guide will go through all of the important aspects of each CMS and lay out the answers to the most important questions for you. This way, you would be able to know exactly what makes these CMS different from each other, and which seems to be a better fit for your needs.

User Adoption

WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world, with over 33 percent of all the websites in the world currently using it for their needs. That is an over 60 percent market share of all CMS as well.

Whereas, Joomla lags behind with powering 2.9 percent of all the websites in the world, with an over 5 percent market share of all CMS.

Needless to say, WordPress wins the popularity contest by a large margin, which alludes towards the reasons why it has garnered such a massive user adoption throughout the world.


Both WordPress and Joomla are free to install (with WordPress.org being the platform for open source). But you will need to incur the hosting charges, as well any plugins or extensions that you install for these platforms.

This makes both CMS a “pay as you go” arrangement and has them standing at the same level.

Ease of Use

With various usability features built into the core version of the CMS, WordPress is also considered as the easier to use interface as compared to Joomla.

While Joomla’s interface is not that intricate, it is definitely harder to set up than WordPress, which makes it a difficult CMS to operate for beginners.

Design Options

Both WordPress and Joomla offer a great level of design options. But it has to be mentioned that WordPress takes the cake in this aspect as well.

There are thousands of WordPress themes that are available through popular and dedicated platforms. This makes it so much easier to customize and set up a website that uses WordPress as compared to one that utilizes Joomla.


Similar to themes, WordPress wins this round of customization as well. While Joomla has an extensive number of regular and ecommerce extensions to support its interface, the offerings pale in comparison to the plethora of plugins that are available in the WordPress marketplace.

From security to content delivery, and from added features to ecommerce, WordPress has the full support of its dedicated community – which makes it so much easier to customize a WordPress website.

While Joomla is a good choice of CMS when you look at it on its own, it leaves a lot to be desired when you directly compare it to WordPress. That is the reason why WordPress sees so much more users than Joomla on a daily basis, and the number seems to be growing with each passing day.

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